About us

CAPORE is a collection of high-end Luxury Handbags crafted with the finest genuine Leather.

The products stands out for its distinctive style and helps eye to pick the gem at one go.

“Our team works for the best ,hence we select the finest & best treated leathers for our customers.” It is our vision to provide the highest quality product in the industry.
Both innovation and timelessness are prized! CAPORE believes that it is of prime importance to innovate while standing the test of time.It is our aim to continue building an iconic global,luxury fashion brand for today and for the future.
“Why struggle in the race,when you can make one of your own….” ISHANI CAPORE, Founder & Creative Director.
Leather Designer by profession,Ishani Capore graduated from National Institute Of Fashion Technology (NIFT),New Delhi,India and won herself the BEST COMMERCIAL COLLECTION AWARD of the batch.She has a starred work experience with the top-notch brands. In the year 2013, decided to best use her innovate ideas for the Industry by venturing into her own Label “CAPORE”.
CAPORE holds pride in providing 100% genuine Leather Products at an affordable price in Indian as well as International market. Technologically advanced material development and a strong silhouette are the prime importance to us.At CAPORE, experimentation is combined with the sourcing of precious traditional materials for embroideries, increasingly rare artisanal techniques, and hand-craftsmanship, creating new & innovative products with a global reach across all markets and product categories.
The clear and sophisticated brand style is instantly recognizable. It makes a confident and coherent statement across everything, creating a visual identity. It aims to provide women with a considerate, consistent, and discreetly luxurious wardrobe that can be built upon each season.
We wish to serve you our best & finest work.